Etinosa Yvonne
It's All In My Head

This project examines the coping mechanisms employed by survivors of terrorism and violent conflict in Nigeria; it hopes to enable these people to obtain better, long-term access to psychological support. Some of the survivors have experienced brutal violence – to their possessions, their families or their own bodies. Many of them are still unable to speak about their experiences. For most, it is not possible to simply carry on, for what they have gone through now preoccupies their thoughts. The project shows the difficulty inherent in continuing with a “normal”ֺ life, even when help is there. Moreover, the author looks for the causes of terrorism and violent conflict in Nigeria, Africa’s most populated country.

*1989 in Benin, Nigeria
Etinosa Yvonne has been working as a documentary photographer and visual artist since 2017. She sees photography as a means to social change and uses the power of visual storytelling to sensitise, educate and inform people about the topics that are close to her heart. After completing her study of theatre, in 2018/2019 the autodidact trained intensively at photography workshops in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and the USA. She has taken photos for the Obama Foundation, the ILO, Save the Children UK and other organisations; her work has been published in The Guardian.