Wed, 24.06.
German digital Picture Market

Today, photographies are always part of a global image market, no matter for what purpose – journalistic, private or creative – they have been produced. This brings along major challenges especially for journalistic photography. Faced with direct competition by amateur and stock photography, new questions emerge for photojournalism: What are the economic parameters that make photojournalistic work still possible today? In which way the new framework has changed visualisation strategies in journalism and the mediation of content? Who are the main actors today when it comes to publish photography and foster discussions about the economic situation of photojournalistic work?


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Live Talk moderated by Felix Koltermann in conversation with Lars Bauernschmitt, Lena Mucha and Sabine Pallaske Pictures as Products? The digital picture business and journalistic photography.

The conditions of the global picture market, which is organised according to capitalist principles, presents great challenges for journalistic photography. What this means in practice will be discussed by Felix Koltermann in a live video talk with photojournalism professor Lars Bauernschmitt, photographer Lena Mucha and Sabine Pallaske, chair of the Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Foto-Marketing (MFM) organisation. The conversation will examine whether, and under which economic parameters, photojournalistic work is still possible today, and to what extent the new framework conditions are changing visualisation strategies in journalism.

The Live Talk in German language.

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Podcast German Image Market. In Conversation with Lars Bauernschmitt

From a student assistant to managing director of a picture agency, from the chairman of the board of the Federal Association of Picture Suppliers (BVPA) to a professor of visual journalism: Lars Bauernschmitt has been working with journalistic photography for thirty years. In this time, he has experienced the boom years as well as the financial decline that came in the wake of structural change. In an interview with Jan Nasemann, Bauernschmitt describes the development of the German picture market over the past thirty years. Moreover, he relates from personal experience how digitisation has changed the picture market beyond recognition and how technical developments have changed people’s life stories.