Sat, 27.06.

What exactly does equality among various genders mean in today’s society? What consequences does it have in a person’s career and pursuit of goals? Are media consumed and produced differently by men and women? Why do we all want to label ourselves, and why does everything always need to be defined?

Human rights apply to all people irrespective of their gender identity. However, our endeavours for non-discrimination and equal treatment frequently come up against obstacles. Our Topic of the Day “Equality” will address human rights with respect to gender equality with a specific focus on women in photojournalism. In addition, we will examine the modern treatment of the LGBTQ scene. The fluid boundaries between the genders are reflected in photography, providing a glimpse into the minds of a broad range of personalities.


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Live Talk moderated by Miriam Zlobinski Sanne De Wilde

The topic of equality, or rather inequality, runs through the work of Belgian photographer Sanne de Wilde like a red line. De Wilde reflects not only on the medium of photography; her projects also examine the role of identity, perception and the question of how genetics can shape and influence communities. At the same time, as a professional female photographer she herself belongs to a minority group. In an interview with de Wilde, picture editor Miriam Zlobinski will attempt to answer questions concerning de Wilde’s authorship as well as her working methods for reportages, books and exhibitions.

Session was hosted by VII Photo.

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Podcast Gender in the production process. In Conversation with Renate Ruhne

Dr. Renate Ruhne studied Biology and Educational Theory at the University of Bielefeld and Sociology at the University of Hamburg. As a sociologist and gender researcher, Dr. Ruhne is working on a study on the meaning of gender in the production process and in the medial representation of photography. In our podcast, we will have the possibility to find out about the current situation of women in the area of professional photography.

The Podcast will take place in German language.

Videointerview Charlotte Schmitz

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How do female photographers around the world see their job and the industry they work in? In order to answer this question and other, similar, ones, we got in touch with Charlotte Schmitz. In her photographic work, Schmitz presents intensive explorations of women and inequality. She is a founding member of WP The Journal, an association of women photographers who are documenting their own lives in the time of the coronavirus crisis. In IGTV format for the Lumix Festival, we collaborated with Schmitz to formulate questions that she asks women photographers on every continent. Their diverse perspectives are particularly significant to the subject of gender equality.