The Live Talks will feature photographers, curators and renowned experts, who will provide insight into their projects, report on their work experiences, discuss trends and developments, and answer questions from the audience.

19.06. 4pm CEST Laura El-Tantawy Live Talk moderated by Christin Müller and Sonja Palade register 19.06. 8pm CEST Picturing Islam Photojournalism about Islam in Germany register 20.06. 12am CEST Gayatri Parameswaran and Felix Gaedtke (NowHere Media) Videointerview register 21.06. 4pm CEST Iris Sikking in Conversation with Lisa Barnard and Robert Knoth How to position oneself in a fragmented world? register Wed. 24.06. 7pm (CEST) Jessica Dimmock Live Talk moderated by Ed Kashi register 22.06. 4pm CEST Fred Ritchin Live Talk moderated by Karen Fromm register 22.06. 8pm CEST Misha Vallejo Live Talk moderated by Paul Lowe register 23.06. 4pm CEST Espen Rasmussen Live Talk moderated by Stephanie Bunk register 23.06. 1pm CEST Mary Gelman Videointerview by Stephanie Bunk register 24.06. 4pm CEST Pictures as Commodities? Felix Koltermann in conversation with Lars Bauernschmitt, Lena Mucha and Sabine Pallaske register 24.06 9pm Lumix local: Goethe Exil Midsummer Screening register 23.06. 8pm CEST Rafael Heygster and Helena Lea Manhartsberger Videointerview by Karen Fromm register 25.06. 3pm CEST Ilvy Njiokiktjien Live Talk moderated by Paul Lowe register 26.06. 11.30am CEST Newsprint Photobooks and the Documentary Image Video lecture by Felix Koltermann register 26.06. 4pm CEST Laia Abril Live Talk moderated by Sophia Greiff register 26.06. 7.15pm CEST Best Of Photobook Class Thekla Ehling, Paul Spehr and Frederic Lezmi in conversation with young photobook creators. register 26.06. 9pm Photobook Q&A Thekla Ehling, Paul Spehr and Frederic Lezmi. register Sat, 27.06. 11.30am Charlotte Schmitz register 27.06. 4pm CEST Sanne De Wilde Live Talk moderated by Miriam Zlobinski register postponed Tanzim Wahab in conversation with NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati and Katrin Koenning Power in Photography register