Kathrin Ahäuser
Pille Palle

In Germany, about seven million women take birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, many of these women are not aware of the positive and negative side effects the pill can have on their bodies and minds. Kathrin Ahäuser has combined moving pictures with photography: in eleven short films, seven women of various ages, a female gynaecologist, a male gynaecologist, a sex-education teacher, a drug expert and a pharmacist report on their experiences with the pill. Moreover, these two- to four-minute videos offer insight into the German healthcare system as well as into the communication surrounding birth control methods and sex education in schools. This project was supported by the ECCE (European Centre for Creative Economy) and the Ministry of Culture and Science for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

View the work: pillepalle.info

*1986 in Weilburg, Germany
Kathrin Ahäuser works as a freelance photo- and videojournalist. She lives in Dortmund. Her work concentrates on digital short films. Ahäuser studied Photography at the universities of applied arts in Bielefeld and Dortmund. In her projects, she addresses taboo subjects, particularly those related to sexuality. Her photographic work has been published in magazines such as Stern and SPIEGEL Online. In 2019, her digital project “Pille Palle” was nominated for the Grimme Online Award.


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