Patrick Junker | Dominik Stawski (stern.de)
Organspende: Die letzte Gabe eines Menschen

In Germany, around 10,000 people are waiting for an organ donation; however, the country has only around 1,000 donors. Low donation numbers are reported every year. What does this mean for those affected? How does it feel when chance decides whether you or the patient in the next bed will survive? And how do these numbers influence healthy people? Patrick Junker makes a photographic examination of these questions and encounters those affected as well as their families, doctors and nurses – at a diagnosis of brain death, an organ resection, transplants, and pre-operative farewells. It is a timeless project that shows details and creates a sense of intimacy. In cooperation with Stern magazine, the project led to the creation of a website that provides answers and helps people make a decision, be it for or against organ donation.

View the work: Die Spende (German)

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*1991 in Stuttgart, Germany
Patrick Junker has been studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts since 2014. He works as a freelance photographer for brandeins, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, GEO Wissen, DER SPIEGEL, Stern, Wirtschaftswoche, DIE ZEIT and other publications. His photographic work on the topic of organ donation has been shown internationally. Among other awards, it has been distinguished with the 2019 German Photographic Association Prize for Science Photography. Also in 2019, Junker took part in the Eddie Adams Workshop; in 2020 he won the BFF promotional award. http://www.patrick-junker.com

*1984 in the Rhineland, Germany
Dominik Stawski studied Journalism Studies, Business Management and Political Science in Eichstätt and Boston. After an internship at the Süddeutsche Zeitung, he moved to the society section at Stern in 2011, where he has been director of foreign correspondents since 2019. His reportage work has won many distinctions, including the Konrad Duden Journalist Prize, the Otto Brenner Prize for Critical Journalism and the Georg von Holtzbrinck Prize for Business Journalism. In addition, he is a teacher at the Henri Nannen School of Journalism. www.stern.de/dominik-stawski-3005838.html

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