Galerie BOHAI e.V.

BOHAI is an independent platform for art and cultural education: it is exhibition space, idea think tank and event venue in one. The exhibition projects initiated by Galerie BOHAI promote regional, national and international artists with a special focus on photography and media art. Regular guest appearances open up perspectives for further artistic disciplines. Artist talks, happenings and workshops round out the cultural events on offer and transform the gallery into a participative, inclusive place where art and culture enthusiasts can come together irrespective of age, education or background. The presenters’ commitment and interdisciplinary competences in the areas of communications design, photography, museum education, art and media science form the foundation of a diverse cultural education programme.

notation match Guest Performance by Galerie BOHAI at the Lumix Festival

notation match will show artistic analyses of recording systems. The order of the exhibition will follow an interdisciplinary art that reconstructs sounds, rhythms, codes and time sequences with colours and textures. Works by Volker Crone, Susann Dietrich, Christian Lohre and Maje Mellin will examine the relationship between concept, recording and methodical reproduction. Acoustic resonances will reflect serial structures; photographic and cinematic documentations of scientific experiments will correspond to a sculptural experimental design. The process of notation will translate the process-based result into a surface, thus robbing it of its temporal dimension. The artistic process of transcription will flow into the photographic exhibition documentation which can be experienced in the virtual space of the Lumix Festival, and which will create relational fields between scientific calculation and artistic recording.


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