Lumix Photo Award
Ana María Arévalo Gosen, »Dias Eternos«
Lumix Digital Storytelling Award
Helena Lea Manhartsberger and Katharina Neuhaus, »Ultraslut«
f3 freiraum für fotografie Award
Shirin Abedi, »May I have this Dance?«
Sustainability Award of the UmweltDruckerei
Gabriele Cecconi, »The Wretched and The Earth«
Lammerhuber Photography Award
Jeoffrey Guillemard, »Southern Border«
HAZ Audience Award
Patricia Kühfuss, »Nicht müde werden«
Lumix Digital Storytelling Award, Honourable Mention
Patrick da Silva Sæther and Mads Nyborg Støstad, »Chasing Climate Change«
Lumix Digital Storytelling Award, Honourable Mention
Michele Spatari, »Rising Water«
On location // Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism, 6 October − 16 October 2020 in Berlin

In a special exhibition to take place from 6–16 October, the federal representation of the State of Lower Saxony will show photo reportages involving climate, the environment and sustainability from this year’s Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalism.

Although the reportages were shown only on the digital level in June, the projects by Gabriele Cecconi, Volker Crone, Jan Richard Heinicke, Sébastien Leban, Maximilian Mann, Victor Moriyama, Michele Spatari and Misha Vallejo will now be displayed in the atrium of the headquarters of the federal state representation. In these projects, the perspectives are as complex as the climate crisis itself: the photographs depict marine researchers on an expedition along the eastern coast of Greenland. They take us to the American island of Tangier, whose residents deny both the theory of global warming and the increasingly rapid rise in sea levels. They show us the world’s second-largest salt lake, which has shrunk by 80 per cent in just a few years. Other areas of focus are slash-and-burn clearing in the Amazon, the struggle between an Ecuadorian indigenous group and the oil industry, as well as current levels of light pollution.
Gabriele Cecconi, winner of the Umweltdruckerei Sustainability Prize, will be on-site for a few days as artist in residence, speaking about his award-winning reportage “The Wretched and the Earth”, a documentary about the world’s largest refugee camp: Kutupalong in Bangladesh.

The exhibition will take place within the framework of the annual programme “inspektionen // zuhause” and concurrently with the European Month of Photography in Berlin.

Location: In den Ministergärten 10,
10117 Berlin, S/U-Bahn Potsdamer Platz

During the exhibition period, our mobile show will be active on the streets around Potsdamer Platz; all 50 exhibiting photographers will be represented with one print respectively.

Cecconi-Gabriele_The Wretched and The Earth

Gabriele Cecconi – The Wretched and The Earth

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Panasonic @ Lumix Festival

Since the first LUMIX Festival in 2008, we have accompanied with amazement and enthusiasm how a small idea has developed into a large, internationally renowned photo festival. Over the past 12 years we have seen impressive reportages and met up-and-coming journalists and artists on the festival grounds. This year everything seems to be different and yet the spirit of this special event remains. The LUMIX Festival shows the world as it is – even the world beyond one’s own horizon. The works shown there make an invaluable contribution to people understanding each other. As a camera manufacturer we can support this work in two ways: By further developing the right tools for this and by supporting platforms such as the LUMIX Festival, which serves not only as a gallery but also, and especially, as a place of exchange between photographers, as a reliable partner. This year we may miss the experience in Hanover, but we still feel the spirit of the festival. We are looking forward to seeing you all again in two years!

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