10 Days - 10 Topics
Every day will be devoted to a different theme: international experts will discuss the topics that characterise today’s visual journalism, and photographers will provide insight into working methods and projects.

• Stereotypes in Visual Journalism: Always showing the same things?

• Digital Storytelling: What can photographers learn from filmmakers and vice versa?

• New Perspectives on Documentary Practices: New media - new forms.

• Storytellers of the Future: How will stories be told in the future?

• In Crisis Mode: The state of emergency as routine.

• Digital Picture Management: Who decides which pictures are published?

• Equality: Whose pictures do we see?

• The Photobook: Old medium or new possibilities?

• Empowerment: Photography as a means of change.

• Ethics/Visual Journalism and Power: As long as it pays all right?
A highlight of the digital festival will be the distinctions awarded to the best picture series and digital storytelling projects on Thursday, 25 June at 5:00 p.m. at www.lumix-festival.de and on YouTube.

• Lumix Photo Award for the most outstanding project in the category Picture Series, endowed by Panasonic with 5,000 euros.

• Lumix Digital Storytelling Award for the most outstanding multimedia web story, endowed by Panasonic with 5,000 euros.

• Two Honourable Mentions for the Lumix Digital Storytelling Award, donated by Panasonic, each endowed with a Lumix S1H camera featuring a 24-105 mm lens.

• f3 - freiraum für fotografie Prize for Dedicated Documentary Photography, endowed by the Society for Humanistic Photography (GfHF) with 1,000 euros

• Lammerhuber Photography Award for the reportage that tells a story from everyday life in the most impressive way, endowed by Silvia and Lois Lammerhuber with 1,000 euros.

• UmweltDruckerei Sustainability Prize, endowed by the UmweltDruckerei printshop with 1,000 euros.

• HAZ People’s Choice Award for a picture series or digital story, endowed by the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung with 1,000 euros.

The LUMIX Festival presents and reflects the young, socially committed visual journalism of the 21st century and actively examines political, cultural, social, ecological and technological processes. With the means of expression inherent to journalistic, transmedial narrative formats, visual storytellers focus on current perspectives of the documentary, understanding these as media of active participation in global debates. 

Lumix Festival 2020 - 68 Stories